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The Share and Care Foundation was created from a profound desire to help the poorest in the least non-aligned countries.

Inspired by the Missionary Sisters of Charity established by Mother Theresa, our president went on a mission to Calcutta, India, for a period of four months. The purpose of the trip was to acquire onsite knowledge of the conditions in which people lived and assess their needs.

The harsh reality of daily life by far exceeded what we thought we would find! Area wise, Calcutta is about the size of the City of Toronto; the difference is that they have more ten million people living there. Conditions are such that thousands of people must live on the streets. They eat and sleep on thin mattresses made of rattan or directly on the sidewalks. They beg for food or go to organizations hoping to receive a meal for the day. The fact that the city is overpopulated gives rise to unsanitary conditions .A minor cut that would heal easily under normal circumstances will often result in a major infection that can lead to amputation.

One of the objectives of the Share and Care Foundation is to give a clear vision as to the needs of these people. Our first goal is to acquire funds or other useful gifts to benefit our Indian brothers and sisters. With your help, we can provide access to appropriate care, sanitary food and educate them for financial independence and a healthy self-esteem.

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