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Share & Care

Our commitments

Article 1

Share & Care is a charitable non-profit organization. It is not governmental; it is international and operates worldwide.

Article 2

Our mission is to raise funds to help the homeless people worldwide who suffer and die on the streets every day. It is also to protect lives, to give relief and assist the ill and the dying with compassion, love and care.

Article 3

Our focus is on deprived populations, for people shunned by their families or communities, who suffer from malnutrition and diseases such as malaria, tuberculosis, typhoid, cholera, leprosy, respiratory infections, nervous breakdowns and/or mental illness.

Article 4

Our programs are set up in all impartiality, without discrimination as to cultural identities of the communities we work with.

Article 5

Our actions are direct and concrete.They translate into programs which directly assist the sick and the dying with compassion, love and medical care. We also wish to provide the dying with lodging so they not die alone, offering them love, peace and human dignity. We also provide patients with the medical care needed to help them regain their health providing the necessary support for their social rehabilitation when possible.

Article 6

Share & Care’s first and foremost objective is to offer palliative care and urgent treatment for patients and their social reintegration. Because we are committed to work with other health resources, we concentrate our efforts on the final rehabilitation of the patient and his or her self-sufficiency.

Article 7

Share & Care is committed to offer residents different types of education such as sewing, knitting, English, silk painting (scarf), preparation of ornamental candles, woodwork, agriculture, animal production, gardening, etc.

Article 8

Share & Care will serve as intermediary between the artisans and their point of sales ensuring their right of creation as well as ensuing income.

Article 9

Patients from India will have to pay a meager amount of money to cover cost of food and lodging. Into their own bank account will be deposited the remaining income so they may save up the necessary funds towards complete autonomy.

Article 10

The financial autonomy decreed in Article 9 could become the template for all the countries where Share & Care will establish projects helping the homeless gain their dignity and self-sufficiency.

Article 11

Share & Care is committed to financial transparency, providing a clearly defined annual financial report showing the origin and use of resources. This report will be accessible to all donors, either by convening the members or by any other appropriate means.

Article 12   

We are committed to our social objective to help the deprived and the homeless. Our actions and messages will be carried out with decorum. We also make a commitment to describe our organization and its status on all documents and publications

Article 13

Share & Care makes a commitment to find capital from companies ready to donate financial support or materials according to the respective needs in each country. We are also committed to campaign the public by informing them of the needs of the deprived worldwide. The Share & Care Foundation is particularly committed to keeping administrative costs low to offer the homeless the maximum possible financial aid

Article 14

Share & Care will not use any misleading advertising. Publicity will not be ambiguous, exaggerated or overstated, etc. There will be no deception as to the true objectives of our organization, the use of capital, products or solicitations. Messages appealing to the generosity of the public for a precise project will indicate the author of the solicitation as well as the forecast destination of solicited funds.

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