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Share & Care FoundationThe call to help others came to me very early on. At the age of 5 or 6, I remember wondering why some children were dying of hunger while I had everything I needed. Each week at school, I would buy pictures of poor children for 10 cents. Our 1st grade teacher told us this money would help feed these children. I had a huge collection of pictures (unfortunately, I did not keep them) but my heart has always stayed with them.

After all these years, I continue to be sensitive to human suffering. Like many of you, I think, I have always wondered just how much of the money I donated actually reached the needy. I also thought that while giving is a good thing, actually being there with them would be even better. This is why I decided to create the Share & Care Foundation. This charitable organization offers a helping hand to those in need throughout the world giving them dignity and hope.

As I have reached 46 years of age, my family situation has changed and my children are all grown up. I went on my first trip to India by myself. The purpose of this trip was to expand my experience in humanitarian help and see if the passion that burned within when I was much younger was still there. I had to face my fear of flying and spend 23 hours on a plane. Travelling alone was not easy. The only way I could achieve this was by letting go of my fears and place my trust in God. This was no easy task but when I got to the airport, I felt protected and knew I was not alone; this feeling stayed with me throughout my voyage. When I look back at this, I can hardly believe I had the courage to take a leap in the dark as I did.

I visited the Missionary Sisters of Charity in Calcutta. There I learned everything I needed to know. Someone told me that If I could mentally and physically tolerate the city, I would be able to tolerate any place in the world … I sincerely believe this today. I have experienced and seen things that would make vivid horror movies, but have also discovered much beauty in poverty.

I want to share my experiences with you, the sad reality of these people’s lives, people I have come to love and respect deeply; with your assistance, I hope to help them even more. Your donations are a step in the right direction of freedom, dignity and hope.

Thank you for believing in us.


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