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SHARE & CARE is a non-profit organization raising funds with the intention to help the homeless who suffers and dies through the world. SHARE & CARE is a non-profit organization that raises funds to help the homeless who suffer and die throughout the world.

Our onsite teams locate the sick and distraught in hiding because of their contagious health conditions. Banishment is in store for them should local authorities find them.

Our teams pick up these people and take them to centres where they receive proper medical attention for their health condition.

Once sufficiently recovered, we offer them courses such as sewing, carpentry, handicraft, English. This gives them the autonomy to live a fruitful life. We also guide them in the sale of their merchandise or services and help them administer their budget.

Until they can function on their own, we provide daily transportation to different markets in surrounding large cities where they can sell their products or offer their services.

For those who cannot take advantage of these services because of their age or health, we provide shelter and encourage others to assist them so they may enjoy the little autonomy they have left.

SHARE & CARE is an organisation filled with love, mutual help and sharing. We need all the financial assistance we can receive from generous people like you.

We thank you for your kindness in supporting our goals.


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