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List of projects

Consult our list of projects in the Democratic Republic of the Congo or in India.
Your donations are paramount to the success of these projects!

Projects - CongoMake a donation

2015 - Ongoing projects

AFNU 003 Nutrition# AFNU 003 Nutrition
Food support for thirty orphans, abandoned and marginalized.
Project details


AFDS015 Presbytery roof sheets# AFDS015 Presbytery roof sheets
Purchasing metal sheet BG-28 to restore the roof of the Christ-Roi Parish transit house.
Project details


AFES008 EPA Lycée Madadum# AFES008 EPA Lycée Madadum
Construction of a building for 6 classes to accommodate 270 elementary school students.
Project details

2015 - Completed projects

AFES009/2015 School education# AFES009/2015 School education
Education is a natural right but in the Democratic Republic of Congo, it is a privilege reserved for children...
Project details


AFES007 Mbele school's roof# AFES007 Mbele school's roof
Purchasing BG-28 sheet metal to restore Mbele school's roof.
Project details

2014 - Completed projects

AFSS004 Ophthalmologic Center and painting# AFSS004 Ophthalmologic Center and painting
Purchase of optical glass test for the mobile clinic going to the remote villages.
Project details


AFDS 012 Rainwater collection system and solar panels# AFDS 012 Rainwater collection system and solar panels
Rainwater collection system and solar panels.
Project details


AFNU004 Food support through a project of agriculture# AFNU004 Food support through a project of agriculture
Food support through a project of agriculture to help malnourished children and adults.
Project details


AFDS016 Solar freezer and solars panels # AFDS016 Solar freezer and solars panels
Buying a solar freezer, two batteries as well as the addition of two solar panels for the proper functioning of the freezer.
Project details

2013 - Completed projects

# AFES006 Sewing workshop# AFES006 Sewing workshop
Buying 8 Singer sewing machines (manual), 6 Singer sewing machines (treadle), 1 button press machine, 1 embroidery machine, 13 ember irons...
Project details


AFES005 School books# AFES005 School books
Lycée Madadum is a big school of 500 students where children have to copy in their notebooks the texts dictated by their teachers, because the school has only one book per class.
Project details


AFDS013 Source of drinking water MASA-MATADI# AFDS013 Source of drinking water MASA-MATADI
Source of drinking water benefiting to the entire population of Mateko.
Project details


AFSS 003 Centre ophtalmologique KIVUVU# AFSS 003 Eye Center KIVUVU
Purchase of a slit lamp, as well as an ophthalmoscope, a refractor and a lens meter.
Project details


AFDS 011 Source of drinking water# AFDS 011 Source of drinking water
Source of drinking water for the children of the orphanage.
Project details

2012 - Completed projects

AFES001/2012 - School education# AFES001/2012 - School education
Help pay for children's education as well as for the repair of buildings and classrooms.
Project details


AFES004 - Éducation - Toilets# AFES004 - Education - Toilets
Madadum High School is a big school for 500 students and it does not have durable toilets.
Project details


AFSS002 - Operating lamp# AFSS002 - Operating lamp
Purchase medical equipment such as operating lamp for the operating room, consultation bed, adult scales (4) and children scales (3).
Project details


AFES002 - Education and training# AFES002 - Education and training
Education is a natural right but in the Democratic Republic of Congo...
Project details


AFES003 - Sewing# AFES003 - Sewing
The purchase of eight sewing machines, pieces of fabric, rolls of material, coils of thread of assorted colours and 35 pairs of scissors.
Project details

2011 - Completed projects

AFDS008 - Bikes# AFDS008 - Bikes
Purchase of 20 bikes that will serve as a means of transport for villagers.
Project details


AFES001/2011 - School education# AFES001/2011 - School education
Help pay for children's education as well as for the repair of buildings and classrooms.
Project details


AFDS007 - Sewing Center# AFDS007 - Sewing Center
Purchase of 15 sewing machines, 2 overlock machines, 2 knitting machines, 13,000 yards of fabric, sewing accessories as well as a blackboard for theory courses.
Project details


AFNU002 - Agriculture# AFNU002 - Agriculture
Nutritional support through a poultry and agriculture project to help undernourished children and adults 
Project details


AFDS009 - Repair Shop# AFDS009 - Repair Shop
Material assistance for the promotion of Mateko’s small handycraft industry.
Project details

2010 - Completed projects

AFDS001 - Generator# AFDS001 - Generator
Purchase of a generator for Kivuvu Hospital serving a population of approximately 10,000 people.
Project details


AFNU001 - Fish Farming# AFNU001 - Fish Farming
Nutritional support through a project of agriculture and fish farming to help 76 orphan children who have been abandoned and marginalized such as child witches.
Project details


AFSS001 - Gouttières# AFSS001 - Gutters
Purchase of 100 gutters to halt the deterioration of the foundations damaged by soil erosion caused by rainwater and construction of a 10,000 liter well.
Project details


AFDS005 - Grinding mill# AFDS005 - Grinding mill
Purchase and installation of a grinding mill for cassava, corn and soybeans.
Project details


AFDS006 - Jeep# AFDS006 - Jeep
Purchase of a new Jeep to meet the needs of the mission.
Project details

2009 - Completed projects

# AFDS002 - Solar panels
Purchase of solar panels, batteries, converter, strips, rolls of thread and solar cables for Mbala health center.
Project details


AFDS003 - Chainsaw# AFDS003 - Chainsaw
Purchasing of a chainsaw with a sawing system.
Project details


AFDS004 - Diesel Mill# AFDS004 - Diesel Mill
Buying a diesel mill as well as accessories for grinding cassava, soybeans and corn.
Project details

Projets - IndeMake a donation

Completed projects

#INNU001 - Nutrition
Nutritional supplement for one year in order to adequately feed 250 orphans from the Ananda Pally Refuge and Nirmal Niketan.Nutritional.

Project details


# INES001 - Education and training
Pay for the schooling and training in a trade for the young orphans and the physically handicapped of Calcutta.

Project details



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